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Evidence Pest Control - Your One-Stop Solution to Emergency Wildlife Removal

If you are noticing jostling feet around your home or heard bumping on your walls, reach Evidence Pest Control to solve your problems. Our expert wildlife professionals are here to solve your problems in a jiff right from New Jersey to New York. Schedule an evaluation with us for wild animal removal services.


No More Panic Because the Experts are Here!


Wildlife Removal NJ is not a biggie for our experts at Evidence Pest Control. We provide a full-fledged service with renowned and certified specialists to remove wild animals safely from home or businesses. Discovering wild animals in your locality can bring panic to your life but we are here to bring you peace. Our services include bats, flying squirrels, raccoons, snakes, skunks, groundhogs, and so more.


Evidence Pest Control – Wildlife Control at Its Best


When it comes to wildlife removal, a certain procedure has to be followed. You need a team of professionals that are adept with the behavioral patterns of wild animals with experience in confronting them. Aside from that, you need cutting edge technology to evacuate them safely. Our NYC wildlife removal follows an SOP to control the situation. It includes, 


Step One: Know The Entry Points


Discovering the point of entry of wild animals in your property is the first step to their removal. Our Evidence technician will determine the entry points and evaluate your home to ferret out others. Smaller animals including bats can slip through roofs or gaps in your vents. On the other hand animals including racoons can find a way through dormers or under the eaves.


Step Two: Initiate the Action Plan


After knowing the entry points, our specialist will create an action plan for their evacuation. It includes live trapping, relocation, habitat modification, or exclusion.


Step Three: Clean Up


Wildlife can create a huge mess in your property. Animal feces or urine can lead to dangerous health hazards. Our professionals will make sure to get rid of animal litter by cleaning up your space. 


Step Four: Post Removal Services


Evidence Pest Control will not only eliminate wildlife from your property but it will also ensure to seal areas or entry points. If the wild animal caused damage to your property, we will let you know the repairs and get it fixed by a contractor. 


Messy Garden? Say No More!


Apart from helping you in controlling nuisance caused by wildlife, Evidence Pest also offers services to control animals that create a mess in your lawn or garden. Right from searching moles or groundhogs to creating a plan for their trapping, our services include your overall protection from animals. 


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We have been in the wildlife removal industry from 2015. Our services have provided a profound benefit to people around New Jersey, New York, and Delaware. Our services include managing domestic pests to wild animals and ensuring your safety. Schedule an evaluation with us and let our certified individuals deal with your problems. With us, you are always safe!